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Introducing Showers to a Toddler {Hevea Bath Mat Review}

Bath time is really fun for babies and toddlers but sometimes a shower is more convenient and more ecologic. I try to learn my children the sooner possible that we should not waste water. Taking a bath is a pleasure but should not be done daily, instead we take a shower.

How to replace bath time by shower time and make my children more independent and more eco-conscious, and let them enjoy?

The first thing is to make the experience safe. Because if you introduce shower to a toddler and she/he falls…I let you imagine the outcome.

So how to make shower time safe, ecologic, economic and enjoyable for your little one?

First thing and not the least, you need a good bath mat. We used to have one we bought five years ago –I don’t remember where– with ducks. I hated it and still do. Why, this rubber smell that never goes. Baba1 loved it so much that I could not get rid of it until I explained her that even if the mat looked pretty, it was not the best. We then replaced it by an HEVEA Small bath mat.

Why did we choose HEVEA?

Hevea is an eco-conscious company and its name is from the Latin and means rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. The natural rubber it produces is the foundation of their product range. Using natural rubber, rather than synthetic rubber made from oil, acts against climate change by increasing the number of trees and cutting back on the use of fossil fuels.

Hevea Bath Mat review

Hevea company try to be sustainable and strive to do their best to be a responsible company right through all of their business practices. They try to reduce, re-use, re-cycle and even up-cycle if possible.

Hevea bath mats are made of 100% natural rubber, which is biodegradable, and a sustainable resource. Natural rubber has the ability to be broken down physically and/or chemically by microorganisms – usually requiring exposure to sunlight, air and moisture.

So Hevea non toxic baby bath mats allows little ones to splash around at bath time without the risk of slipping or sit on any harmful chemicals.


  • 100% natural rubber – people and planet friendly production
  • BPA, phthalate and PVC free
  • no colour add, just the natural colour of rubber
  • The 200+ suction cups keeps the mat firmly adhered to the bottom of the bath tub.
  • size 55cm x 32cm ( fits into Flexi bath)


I am since a long time a Hevea advocate. Hevea is one of the most environmentally friendly company I had the chance to encounter during the last few years. I bought their soothers, used them, have some of their bath toys and naturally we use the bath mat.

It can be a bit strange to have a brown bath mat at first and you might think that it is a dull colour. I confirm , it is not the most fashionable one, it might not suit your interior design but it suits the environment design. So I love to see the big picture.

Hevea Bath Mat review

I love the fact that I can teach my children that good does not mean appearance. It is not because something is bright and colourful that it is better. A bit like nature really. In the nature, bright animals, insects are usually synonyms of danger. Simple things, and natural things are the best for us and for the environment so we try to keep things this way in our house.

The bath mat holds incredibly in the bathroom and does not move. It is really practical!

To keep things fun for my toddler, I use the Hevea bath toys that I have introduced to you last week.

The Bath mat is available to buy from

tested and approved by oummanna

No bubbles for us during the week, a lovely shower with just Alfie and their friends and we are done in five minutes. It is not hard to make children understand that bathing does not need to occur every day. What is essential is to clean ourselves so a shower is fine. We keep our SPA day for Sundays and they all enjoy their FUN Bath and they know the value of it: it is like a treat. My eldest know starts preferring showers.

Note : I have been generously sent the product above for this review purpose and I have reviewed it because I chose to. No compensation have been received for doing it.  All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.
And as usual, absolutely no affiliate links.

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