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Introduction to Geggamoja, a Scandinavian Organic Clothing Brand for Children

Few weeks ago, I had the chance to discover a new brand of Organic clothing for children coming right from the North, right from the beautiful Scandinavian countries: a SWEDDISH brand named GEGGAMOJA.

Geggamoja is a Stylish, practical and playful Brand for Kids! Geggamoja aims to represent an urban Scandinavian lifestyle with playful bright colours and a Swedish all time favorite: stripes! They create a wide-range of 100% organic products for premature babies to outdoor wear, bedding, toys, and accessories for children aged zero to 12 years old!


What do I love about Geggamoja? Certainly this Nordic feeling with the very fashionable stripes and chevrons and the bright colours. I fell instantly in love with the designs that seem to be so comfortable.


The new Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection is in line with the new trend. I love the unisex designs and colour schemes. Their OUTWEAR clothing Collection are in total harmony with our british lifestyle. I am just in love with their fleece coveralls: snuggle, warm and waterproof. I do appreciate also the difference with the actual UK Organic clothing trend to use bright colours and characters, it is quite a dominant fashion. So for those who struggles with enormous fruits, characters and too bright designs, and prefer more Scandinavian zen atmospheres, this brand is for you! Me? I love a bit of everything but truly, I love the elegance and simplicity in Geggamoja clothing.


Now, GEGGAMOJA is also one of the most recognized organic (certificate with GOTS) and modern children’s wear brands in Scandinavia, with more than 80% of their products being organic. So it is also a good point: by choosing organic and sustainable materials compared to conventional materials  we help protect both the environment, animals and humans who work in production.

A bit more about Geggamoja

Geggamoja has been founded by two sisters and their philosophy is based on children’s honesty. This is what they say about their brand:
Kids don’t think twice before telling you that you stink, before announcing that your food is disgusting, or before asking strangers about the red spots they have on their face. As annoying it might be, their brutal honesty is all part of their charm.

At Geggamoja we have no desire to change this honesty. On the contrary we feel that we, adults, occasionally would benefit from applying some of it to our own lives. Therefore we are committed to only make clothes in materials and designs we would love to see our own children dressed in. Rather than speculating in what may sell some five seasons ahead, we stay true to our own feelings about what’s right and what’s not, for families as well as for business. There is no difference between these two since we are a family business consisting of two sisters with two young families. In short: We dress. You raise.”

geggamoja_aw16_a5_150dpi-1Geggamoja offers good looking, practical and comfortable clothing. Fun details transform a simple jacket or a cute dress into a cool garment. Most garments are unisex.

They are made in lovely materials like velvet, cotton, jersey, denim and fleece. Solid colours are matched with the classic stripes design with new fresh colour combinations. In addition, the popular hat collection is made in various trendy and irresistible patterns. It is not surprising that the hats are just as popular among adults!

Here are few of my favourites of the new Autumn and Winter 2016 Collection:

You can see all the collection online and shop them at

And you, do you like stripes and chevrons? And did you know Geggamoja?

Please leave me your thoughts below, I love reading you.

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