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Developing fine motor skills through Arts {OkoeNorm Cone Crayons Review}

When I was young I always enjoyed drawing and painting. I love arts in every form so it was naturally that I introduced arts very early in my daughters lives. I am no Picasso or Monet. I just enjoy using charcoals, watercolours and paints. And a thing I learned as a childminder –I used to do it to pay my studies – children love arts too!

Children delight in exploring and creating with art materials. These experiences help children develop many life skills. Art is important during their early development. It engages all the senses in open-ended play and supports the development of cognitive, social-emotional and multisensory skills. As children progress, art continues to provide opportunities for brain development, mastery, self-esteem and creativity.

This is why I introduced really early arts in my children lives.

Baba#1 started when she was really young to be interested by my crayons and she learned easily to hold a pen. She loves crafting and drawing. Baba#2, only two years old, starts being fascinated by our drawing sessions and wants to join in and gets a bit frustrated not being able to draw like us. Unfortunately, she is also still putting everything in her mouth so I can not give her the same crayons than her sister.

So for her, we use the usual wax ones that we all seem to hate. I am sure you have already used them once in your life. They are quite big and do not mark properly. Your child needs to press on them very hard to have a chance to mark the paper. I was therefore looking for an alternative that would be more ergonomic and safer if she put them in her mouth.


I chose the OkoeNorm 12 Cone Crayons. Why?

Simply because These crayons are ergonomically designed. Their cone shape is ideal for small children and for kids with special needs who struggle to hold regular crayons.  Thanks to their unique shape, they allow a better control and they avoid cramping. While encouraging motor skills, they also have a good point : they do NOT break easily and they mark very well!

Okonorm Cone Crayons review

Okonorm Cone Crayons review

Now why Art to help children developpment?


Simply because it encourages creativity. The best way to develop creativity is to provide a variety of materials, and give children time to create on their own. Another way to support children’s creativity is to simply observe while they work, to provide additional supplies when needed, and to allow the child to decide when the work is complete.

With Baba#1, we first started by me drawing what she was asking for. We ended with thousand of artwork and a dedicated book. She would ask us to draw everything and repeatedly and one day she just started copying us to finally make her own drawings and explore her own creativity and imagination.

Art activities for children also introduce them to new tools and materials, and possible ways to use them. Then the children can decide what to create and how they want to do it.

Okonorm Cone Crayons review

Art helps to develop cognitive skills. As children draw, paint, and make collages, they are learning about the world (colour, shape and size of objects). When they use paints, glue, and markers, children are planning, experimenting, and problem solving. As children mix paint, they learn to understand cause and effect. Art gives children chances to make decisions, and to learn from the experience of making choices about their art work.

Okonorm Cone Crayons review

It helps children to express themselves. Children express how they feel and think about the world through their art, which gives them a way to express the feelings and ideas that they don’t have the words to talk about. This way of expressing themselves helps children to cope with the natural stresses of growing up. Art helps children to develop a sense of their own individuality, a sense of self-respect, and an appreciation for others’ work.

Okonorm Cone Crayons review

Okonorm Cone Crayons review

Art develops fine motor skills. As children use scissors to cut, fingers to finger paint, or weave yarn with fingers, they are improving control of the small muscles in their hands. Along with drawing with crayons or markers, this helps children develop fine motor control that they need later for writing.

And finally Art helps them focus in the process not the result. whatever they do, however it looks, it is what they choose to create and their own vision of the world. I love keeping my daughters artwork and show them how they evolve during the time. How they perception of a body changes, how they can start from a simple form to then add details.

Okonorm Cone Crayons review

I love watching Baba#1 drawing us and the world which surrounds her. And since few weeks, I am overwhelmed to see Baba#2 joining us and repeating the same patterns than her sister using the right tool.

It obliges me to come back to the Okoenorm crayons and tell you that I was first sceptical about them and was unsure about the price tag. I really thought that there were very expensive for just crayons. When I received them I realised that they were big crayons but I should admit that what impressed me the most was and still is the quality! They help my daughter make beautiful drawings with vibrant colours. She does not need to press hard on them, therefore no risk to break them.

Baba#2 loves holding them and she manages to draw some lines and to hold them properly, consequence of what she was less frustrated, enjoyed and did not feel the need to put them in her mouth.

Yes they are a bit expensive but they are far more durable to all the other crayons we have bought and all ended up in the bin. I do hope they will last longer and I am sure they will.

tested and approved by oummanna

The Okoenorme Cone Crayons are available to buy from and the 12 crayons box cost £14.95.

Note: I have bought these items and it is not an affiliate link. All my views are my own and genuine.

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