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Four Months old Milestones: Enjoying Tummy time with Little Tikes Toys

The first year in a baby’s life is so rich and filled with milestones. We have reached the four months stage recently and baby is not a baby anymore. She moves a lot, smiles, interacts with her sisters and seems even to be interested by food!

So what are the important things for this fourth month?

Baby is becoming keen to explore her surroundings therefore it is important to try giving her materials of different textures to explore and stimulate her. It is the right time to introduce a treasure basket with a lot of sensory toys to help baby explore with all her senses. I will try to show you later an example of treasure basket: I am actually preparing one for her six months as she is grabbing very well at things.

Baby is also more likely to be distracted by what’s going on around her so feeding is becoming more difficult. She is so happy to look at her sisters and loves playing with them particularly with #2 who is two years old. They are both funny and so sweet together. As for feeding, I think it is time for me to invest in a breastfeeding necklace, at least I am thinking about it a lot. I cannot avoid her sisters so a bright necklace hanging above her nose might be more efficace!

ikea-baby-bibAs her vision develops, she can distinguish between shades of the same colour, such as red and orange. She is definitely looking at brightly coloured things in our home and the one she absolutely loves is…..Ta-Dam….a bright red Ikea baby bib hanging behind our kitchen door. She giggles every time she spots it! It seems we do not need to invest on very expensive items to distract her!

I try to encourage her to move which is not always easy but what helps is clearly Tummy time. I try to encourage her using her arms and legs by placing her on her tummy to see if she can push herself up. She is able to lift her head and shoulders high, using her arms for support. It says that this mini push-up helps babies strengthen their muscles. She loves doing that to get a better view of what’s going on around her especially looking of what I am doing and checking if I am not going too far.

When I started our tummy time sessions , it was not her favourite thing: she used to cry. She was not used to this position, and she found it strange. But now, she enjoys it and even asks fot it when I put her on her back, so we are going the right way.


To encourage her,  I use some sensory toys as baby is more playful now. I place her on a playmat I have sewn. We have been lucky to test some Little Tikes toys. I am not keen on loud noisy toys or those using too much lights so I was a bit apprehensive when I first heard about them. We have been sent:

  • The Little Tikes Baby Good Vibes Panda
  • The Little Tikes Baby Touch ‘N Go Tiger
  • The Little Tikes Baby Tummy Tunes Giraffe

But when I received them I totally changed my mind. To start, I loved the look of them and #2 was really excited about them and helped open the packagings. It stated that they aim 0+ so obviously #2 was above at 2 years old. Let’s describe them and their features.


Good vibes Panda Key features:

The Little Tikes Baby Good Vibes Panda is a great friend for both calm down or cuddle time.  To soothe your baby, you have the choice between five minutes of continuous vibration or pulsing heartbeat.  The cute, plush panda just calls to be cuddled with.  And, the convenient loop, which easily attaches to strollers or car seats, allows Panda to tag along with baby wherever we go.

Little Tikes Good Vibes Panda

  • Vibrations help soothe baby
  • Choose between 5 minutes of continuous vibration or pulsing heartbeat
  • Plush design great for cuddling
  • Convenient loop attaches to car seat or stroller to soothe on-the-go
  • Age – 18 months
  • Price: £12.99

My point of view:

Well quite an unusual toy! #2 was afraid by the vibrations and #1 was hilarious. #3 alias Baby was not really impressed. I think this one is the one I appreciated the less “purpose” wise. Otherwise It is a very lovely teddy, very soft and I just took off the vibration bit and now it gets a lot of cuddles from everyone!

The Little Tikes Baby Touch ‘N Go Tiger key features:

Little Tikes Roll On Tiger

The Little Tikes Baby Touch ‘N GoTiger roll when its button is pushed, encouraging stretching during tummy time.  As baby grows stronger, she will be able to push the button herself.

  • Baby or parent presses the button to make it roll
  • Compact size for on-the-go
  • Age – 18 months
  • price : £5.99

My point of view:

A favourite! Loved by #2 and #3! Lightweight and easy to use.

Little Tikes Touch N'GO Tiger

Little Tikes Touch N'GO TigerLittle Tikes Touch N'GO Tiger

A slow motion so quite enjoyable for adults: it does not cross the room! #3 is really attracted by the bright colours and she is definitely trying to grab it! So a good toy for tummy time and encourage your four months old to move.

Little Tikes Touch N'GO Tiger

The perfect size too for small hands. What I appreciate the most is the weight of the toy. #2 loves throwing toys and with this one I am not afraid that she will hurt someone. Well I do not let her do it but not threatened when she does. We have a VTech Fish that #1 received for her first birthday and I literally hate it! I cannot stand the music and how heavy and dangerous it can be: a real weapon in a kid hand!

Now Little Tikes Baby Tummy Tunes Giraffe Features:

Little Tikes Giraffe

The Little Tikes Baby Tummy Tunes Giraffe™ is an all-in-one tummy time toy. The Giraffe encourages reaching and stretching while engaging baby’s core as baby plays the piano keys. The keys feature 2 modes: piano and song. The Giraffe also features a self-discovery mirror, bat-at rings, and ladybug squeaker.  With various colours, textures and sounds, baby definitely enjoys tummy time more than ever! Plus, its compact size is great for tummy time on-the-go. This cute little friend makes tummy time fun and Baby can admire her reflection and grab at the tactile attachments as she learns to hold-up her little head.

Little Tikes Giraffe

  • Piano keys with piano and song modes
  • Mirror for self discovery
  • Bat-at rings
  • Ladybug squeaker
  • Bright colours and various textures
  • Compact design for on-the-go fun
  • Price : £17.99

My point of view:

This Giraffe is amazing! I should say that It is a good toy, soft and you know what?  with the right sound volume!!!! It is very enjoyable, not loud at all. I keep saying that but it is a very important point for me, us as a family. I really hate those silly toys that hume silly songs all the time that do not stop and cost you a fortune in batteries. This one is clever! Thanks Little Tikes to keep parents in mind. When you play on the piano, the tune starts and does not stay for too long then stops. You do not need to do anything to stop the toy or to put it off. When the tune finishes, that’s it, NO ENDLESS sound track.

Baby absolutely loves the giraffe and is very attracted by the bright yellow colour. She grabs the ladybird and is amazed by the different textures, Clearly this is a good sensory toy, you absolutely do not need the piano bit. Baby looks at herself too and tries to reach the giraffe when put away from her.

From the three toys we received, this one is a massive favourite: success with all of us! All three of my daughters play with it and I am happy too.

Our overall experience with these Little Tikes toys is very good. As a parent I have been surprised to see that the toys have been built with activities focus and not too much stimuli to attract young children, which change a lot with what we are used to see in the market nowadays.

The price tag is very good too. So if you are looking for a budget gift and some sensory toys and you are absolutely after something with tunes {you have some lovely wooden box too that do have this feature} I might suggest you to give it a go and try the Giraffe!

The Little Tikes toys described above are available to buy at

The last few weeks, playing with her toys is easier as she can reach out and grab things with both hands. Once she wraps her hands around something, she’ll study it for a moment and then try to put it in her mouth which is funny when she does that with the giraffe!

Thanks to all the stimulation these toys bring, she is starting to roll over from her front to her back. Wiggling the tiger next to the side she usually rolls to makes her try again.

We love playing all together and praise her when she rolls! And you, are there any favourite games you love playing with your baby?

Note : I have been generously sent the products above for this review purpose and I have reviewed it because I chose to. No compensations have been received for doing it.  All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.
And as usual, absolutely no affiliate links.

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