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Rainbow box, Montessori philosophy, child’s play and Toy Rotation

We are lucky to have a spare room in our flat and we use it as a playroom. We have never been satisfied by the way it was looking and found it so unpractical with lots of plastic boxes filled with toys.  It took us few months to decide exactly how we wanted to organize this spare room and how we wanted to use it. We definitely knew that the room needed to be divided in different areas like reading, playing, and study.

We wanted to make a class room with a Montessori philosophy. I will explain this later in another post. Basically, we are looking for the child independence and try to encourage it by letting him choose and decide. Therefore, the two essentials we absolutely needed were a child-sized table and chairs and  low shelving unit for materials. We choose the famous Kallax units {Ikea} and used them to divide the room too.

We made a reading/Montessori Study corner, a writing/Art corner with a table and a playing/Practical life corner.


We now organize any educational materials we have by subject and try to put out materials that meet our daughters needs and interests at the time. We try to avoid an avalanche of toys that invites emotional disconnect and a sense of overwhelm.


We also decided to operate Toys rotation which basically means that we do not let access to all toys but we select a portion by week. Rotating is one of the easiest ways to deal with toy overload. Clean up time becomes a breeze and less toys out equals more and deeper engagement. And certainly it permits to have less siblings fights!

To make it easier, I divided all the “rotating” toys into different categories:

  1. Thinking toys (puzzles, board games…)
  2. Moving toys (balls, cars,…)
  3. Pretending toys (dolls, Lego…)
  4. Art materials (paint, paper, pens…)
  5. Sensorial toys (Music instruments, …)
  6. Books

Every sunday evening, I select few toys of each categories and put them out in the shelves for easy access.

I was a bit embarrassed regarding the books and did not like the idea to select a shelf. I wanted them to be seen easily and something that will encourage reading but also keep the Montessori spirit: always nearer to the child to promote independence and autonomy.

rainbow box review

And I found the Rainbow Box*. What is it exactly?

The Rainbow Box is a wooden storage container with rainbow, colourful details. It has three compartments, making it versatile for storing children’s books and toys. It can hold up to around 60 books. It’s a functional but beautiful on-the-go storage solution.

rainbow box review

Key Features:

The Rainbow Box is one of the best ways to store children’s books, toys and craft materials and it can transform the way kids view their possessions and even how they play. The Rainbow Box is portable and is handy for encouraging children to tidy their toys away once they have finished playing with something.

rainbow box reviewrainbow box review

My point of view:

I found it very useful to set up our weekly books and themes. I use the central compartiment as a “treasure basket” for my two years old daughter. I let the box on the shelf and put it on the floor during the day like this she can choose the books she wants me to read or the activity/toys she wants to play with. She can have access easily to the materials and it encourages autonomy in her learning experience. The “book case” even loaded is easily transportable by an adult. I also tried with a full load of books and was impressed that I could lift it and that the box did not break –I was worried but did and completed the test.

I absolutely love its shape and practicality. So far, we have used it only in our Playroom/classroom as we try to teach our daughters to use materials and tidy up. For #2 it is less overwhelming and she starts enjoying putting things back in the box when before she was easily upset by all the toys around and did not know where to start.

rainbow box reviewrainbow box review

Now, we are all happier in a well organized space where everything available is on display and easy to access. I should say this box is a good investment whether you have a lot of space or not. If you live in a place with limited this is the perfect storage solution to keep things tidy and organised in one place.


It can be quite heavy so not portable for a child, which is for me, more a pro!


  • Comes already assembled! – totally hassle free
  • Three good size compartiments
  • Good for toys rotation
  • perfect for Montessori Educators
  • Portable storage solution
  • Heirloom piece that is built to last
  • perfect for storing children’s books and toys
  • Can be easily used for anything- good upcycling life
  • designed and Handmade in UK
  • Birch plywood and solid timber – all sustainably sourced in the UK
  • durable, non-toxic eco stains completely safe for children

rainbow box reviewrainbow box review

To conclude, I love the stylish curves, exposed wood grain, rainbow colours and cut-out cloud detailing – the Rainbow Box really is something very special indeed. My daughters love it and respect it so much! When, there were careless with the plastic boxes! I can see everyday the improvement with the toys rotation and the box.

rainbow box reviewrainbow box review

Now, they are enjoying more their toys and rediscovering them every time.

The Box is available to buy from

Note :This is a PR sample.  All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine. And as usual, absolutely no affiliate links.

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  1. This is very helpful for all Montessori teachers. Montessori method has all the tools which can make the studies no less than fun for kids. Now there are so many Montessori teaching materials are available in market. These are basically for the purpose of making the kids familiar with the alphabets, numbers, colours. I know Kidadvance Montessori is very famous for Montessori Material in USA.

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