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 Piccalilly Organic Children Clothing Review : a delightful Rainbow in the British sky

Last year has been rich for us in new experiences, new discoveres and in the middle of all the excitement, we have been proud to be Brand Embassadors for Piccalilly.


Piccalilly are a British baby and kidswear brand designing organic baby clothes and organic children’s clothes from Newborn up to 10 years. They are the leading UK company to develop muslin swaddling blankets and they manufacture all their organic clothing to the highest ethical standards.


I have already posted about this brand and the clothes I received but now, after approximately six months use, I thought it was the right time to share my feelings about this brand and my review.

You can find here a little reminder of what we received: Piccalilly Haul.


Where to start? First, I love the designs, colours, and the British identify of the brand. It reminds me Mary Poppins and for a French girl who grew up in the 80-90’s, it is definitely a huge compliment. The tea dresses are wonderful with an Alice in Wonderland spirit . I have not seen one but it is in my Piccalilly wish list.


The only point that might be an issue is sizing. For us, #1 who is 5 but usually wears 7 it is not an issue, same for #2 who is 2 but wears 4/5 years. Now for #3, she is now 6;months old and is still in the 50th percentile, I am now just able to enjoy her 0-3months outfit and it will clearly suit her after 6 months.


So to resume, in my experience, you might need to size down if you have an average child. For us, it is perfect!

Another point to mention, the clothes are large which is very good if you have an above average/chubby kid.

Few brands keep in mind that not all childten are skinny and this is what I absolutely love about Piccalilly: the spirit of the brand, the originality and naivety.


My girls enjoys their Piccalilly outfitted: they love the prints. The colours are bright and to my own surprise, wash very well and do not fade! The baby outfit has even resisted few 60 degrees wah cycle. I do# not tumble dry them and for the moment, I have not noticed any bobbling.

Girls Outfits ~ Piccalilly Dresses :


A Piccaliscious dress for a happy girl. I was not sure about the dress first because we prefer trousers and dungarees. My daughters are very active and need to wear clothes that allow them to explore the world. #1 usually feels restrained in dress and do not wear them for too long but surprisingly she loved this one, I surely know why.

The dress is so comfortable and who can resist a rainbow?


The poncho is still in use and #2 loves it. It kept its softness even after few , not to mention a lot, washes.


The muslin Swaddle blanket:

My personal favourite. I was incredibly surprised by the size and the kind of fabric used. It is totally unusual. The fabric is very light and soft. I am a huge fan of muslins and use them a lot but this one became the special one. I love using it for breastfeeding to cover us and it is baby favorite comforter.


To conclude, I am so very happy to have been a brand ambassador for this genuinely great brand. Piccalilly are now running their Winter Sales and I have indulged ourselves some dungarees for #2. I desperately wanted to have the car one and got it! No pictures yet but will share soon.

And you what are your favourites?

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