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Potty training and kids incontinence in older children made easy thanks to PottyPads by Snuggle Blanks

Potty Training. Hmm, these two words have the bad habit to usually stress parents. Why?  Maybe because we all want our children to start being independent as soon as possible. But realistically some few things should not be rushed and Potty training is one of them.

For #1, as soon as we celebrated her first birthday, people around us were asking if she was clean during the day. I was a bit like this: ?!? She was definitely not ready at one year old, so it was far from any of my thoughts. People have a tendency to rush baby things and put a lot of pressure amongst parents and then by extension towards babies. Wow, slow sown a bit and appreciate what you have. All children grow at their own pace and never forget that a child cannot achieve something naturally and easily if he has not acquired the physical capacity to do it. So asking a one year old child to have a full control on his sphincters is just not “anatomically” logical.

At the end of the day, you are the one who knows best your little one and is able to say and feel if she/he might be ready for it. We are here to help them succeed and achieve new milestones by gaining confidence on themselves and one of the best thing to do is make sure they will not fail by waiting for the good moment.

When should we really start Potty training? When your child will be ready, you will see new things in his/her behaviour. For example, your toddler will start hiding before actually dirtying nappies. This sign shows that he is conscious of his need to go to the toilets. This is quite a good clue.

I am not a specialist but as a mum of three, I do believe  that everything is about common sense. For #1. she really started showing interest on being clean at around two years old so we tried to potty trained her by proposing her the potty during the day and put her on pants. We thought that it would be quite easy! But we were wrong. She was totally uninterested and the potty was a toy. After one week of repeated accidents, we resigned. She was clearly not ready. We kept the potty around her and still talking about it regularly but never put any pressure on her. The potty was just there and she knew that if she wanted to use it, she just needed to ask.

At two and a half, #1 was non verbal but one day, out of nowhere, she decided she won’t wear a nappy anymore. Just like this, a morning, she decided she would use the potty and from this day, she was clean. What we learned from her is that we should just trust her and empower her. We used straight forward pants and never needed anything else.

When she started at the nursery she was really anxious and definitely anxiety can trigger the process but not only, overexcitement too. When a child is enjoying an activity, he/she might not be willing to interrupt and go to the toilets which may lead to an accident.

Not to forget that some children put off going to the toilet, either because they don’t like using the school facilities or because they don’t want to miss out on something and ignore their urge. This can lead to an overfilling of the bladder and accidental urination. It can also cause infections so try and encourage your child to ‘listen’ to their bladder and tackle any concerns they have about using the toilet away from home.

We should not forget that starting nursery or reception can bring such pressure on the child that will lead him/her to worry too much about staying clean – obviously ASD, and other conditions can be the cause – or simply the changes in routine and premises.

So for older children who are mostly clean during the day but might have these few accidents or simply for anxious children, what are the solutions available?

What to use to help a child with few accidents and not deteriorate confidence and self-esteem while in a community setting?

Plus, I forgot to mention that once your child is fully potty trained the first few days –weeks sometimes– might be a bit stressful. I do remember that we were a bit lost about what to do for longer trips. Shall we put back the nappy on? Take the risk and just stay with a pant?

I struggled a lot to find something that will suit our needs: I was looking for a pant or something that we would be able to change if needed without having to change everything and that will be quite invisible. And to my relief, I eventually found the PottiPads by MiniVivi made EXCLUSIVELY for Snuggle Blanks! And when I said to Penny – owner of MiniVivi – the hassle it was to find these Pads, she simply told me that she has just created them! How lucky I have been!

What are the PottiPads?

Pottipads by snuggle blanks

“PottiPads are mini pads for mini people! Suitable for children who are learning to use the toilet, or who need a little bit of protection, these pads snap around children’s pants and make changing accidents much faster. PottiPads should hold approximately 70 – 80ml at full capacity, which is a “large dribble” in terms of children’s accidents, and the brushed cotton top allows the child to feel damp without making them sore or uncomfortable. Non-wick wings prevent damp spreading and chaffing the thighs, and the hidden PUL layer adds extra protection against leaks.

Potti Pads by Snuggle Blanks

You also have the option for colour-changing magic, that you can select as an extra if desired. When wet, the wet part will change to blue!

(Pads are backed with patterned fleece in mixed designs which will vary and do not necessarily match the wing pattern, but all are multi-gender)” Extract of Snuggle Blanks website

Now, let me share with you our experience with the PottiPads that we have been lucky to test. We have received them very fast and the packaging was outstanding regarding that the packet was aimed to a little girl. It is so important the way you give things to a child, more obviously when it is about a distressing situation or a new learning journey. Potty training involves lots f praise and empowerment, it is mostly to prove the child that it is an enjoyable situation and show him how good is the change: encourage and accept the child limit. For us, it is more a how to “back up” or “trigger” a new anxiety that has appeared around what was already acquired.

pottipads by Snuggle Blanks

You have the opportunity to have a “magic” pad with some blue lining if you need to verify if your child experience some leaks or if you just want to show your child. It is quite genius and I kike the fact to have this option in a reusable product! It reminds me of a well known women brand of Sanitary Pads not to say Always.

In the short video below, I am showing you the difference between a “magic” pad and a normal one. The “magic” pad is on the left, and the normal on the right.

The pads have been really well received and I loved the fact that there are patterns on the back, it helped me with involving my daughter using them. She chooses the one she wants to wear every morning.


  • the brushed coton top is very comfortable and soft,
  • the size is P-E-R-F-E-T for children pants,
  • the Magic blue option is very useful to comfort a child and helps with gaining confidence,
  • we love the unisex patterns on the back of the pad
  • the snaps are easy to handle and use by a 5 years old
  • comfortable, practical and discreet
  • a handy alternative to training pants as you do not have to change a pant, you just change the pad and that is very clever!
  • Handmade in UK
  • Organic cotton


The only one I have, I would love to see some wonderful jersey top on the PottiPads like the one available in the MiniVivi range for women.

To conclude:

This is a great idea and alternative: handy, useful, practical. I am so relieved I found this treasure. I wish they existed before when we started potty training! I will reuse them with #2 once she will start being clean during the day but that we will still need a protection for outside just in case.

tested and approved by oummanna

The PottiPads, made by MiniVivi for SnuggleBlanks, are designed for children who are toilet learning but still have small leaks and accidents on the way to the loo. Easier than changing the entire underwear, simply pop a pad into their “grown up” underwear, secure with the wings around the gusset, and change the pad as needed. The PottiPads also have an organic hemp/cotton core, and there is the option of the cream cotton top turning blue when damp as a “wetness indicator”, helping your child see when they have had a leak on the way to the loo or potty.

You can find more informations on the MiniVivi website or be part of their fabulous Facebook group MiniVivi Vivi Club. You can also purchase them on


Note: We have been generously sent these samples to test them. We have done it because we believed on the benefits of the product and we have received no compensation. All my opinions and words are mine and 100% genuine.

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