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Eight months update: Baby’s milestones – From Babies With Love Whale Baby grow

Recently, Baby turned up seven months old. I cannot believe how fast she has grown but that’s it: she is not my little newborn anymore. We have started weaning at six and a half months even if she was showing lots of readiness signs but she has been poorly in January and I thought we’d rather delay a bit.

Because baby is still toothless I started with purees and it worked for approximately two weeks. Then, little by little, she started refusing spoon feeding and willing to feed herself. How can a baby with only gums eat a cucumber? I have no idea but she is managing!

She is not a tummy baby. As soon as I put her on her tummy, she turns back. But recently, not to say few days ago, she eventually decided to sit unsupported! What a joy! Never compare babies are they all reach their milestones at their own pace. So let’s see together what we might expect from an 8 months old baby based on Bounty.

Dropping and throwing

They say: “Your baby will be thrilled to discover they’ve now got much better control over their hands and fingers, so they can drop things for you to pick up and perhaps even throw things. You may be less thrilled.”

I say that it is quite relevant. This little girls enjoys grabbing things and toys and a thing that is helping her a lot is definitely self-feeding. She has managed quite impressive skills to hold a cucumber and pet it in her mouth. I am really impressed and not so excited about the throwing thing that she does with her toys for me to pick them up. Yes, I guess it is funny from her side to see mummy having to stop what she is doing and picking things for her not to cry.

She is teething so all the toys go straight in her mouth and she has a favourite that I will talk about later , it is names Gertie the Good Goose!

Don’t cry, little baby I am just here

They say “You may notice your baby cries or whimpers when they see another baby crying – this is called ‘reflexive crying’ and is the beginnings of feeling empathy for others, something that will develop slowly over the next few years.”

I say that baby cries only when I am not around. No reflex crying for the moment but surely crying when I leave the place or when she hears a new “loud” sound.

A favourite toy: never without my Mom!

They say “Some babies may have chosen a favourite soft toy by now and will use it as a security object, dribbling on it and dragging it around everywhere. If so, this is definitely the time to scour the shops for a second one just in case it gets lost or you want to sneak it into the washing machine. Many babies just aren’t fussed about a favourite toy; either way is absolutely normal.”

This made me laugh maybe too much. Yes, my little one has a favourite soft toy, in fact not one but two and they are called breasts, accessorily they are mine : the joy of breastfeeding. She has them with her everywhere and dragging them around – at this point I am not sure if I should keep laughing or start crying!

Vision update or Radar mode

They say :”Your baby’s eyesight is now pretty much as good as an adult’s: watch them spot something across the room and either point to it insistently or try to crawl towards it. If you are worried about their eyesight or they have a squint in one eye – even a small one – it’s really important to see your GP or health visitor and arrange a sight test.”

I say that this baby has a movement detector that enables to detect any of my moves even during the night when everything is dark and we are surrounded by darkness. She can see or detect any part of my garment when I leave her in a place and if she feels I am here or seen an inch of my body she will start crying. Never without my mum is her MOTO. Thank goodness, baby wearing exists! It might sound cute but in real life, it is just lovely from the outside but annoying in the inside. Please I want my freedom back – it is a joke 🙂

Did you mention talking?

They say “Babies are so different in what they can do at this age. It’s easy to worry you’re surrounded by baby Einsteins and get a bout of baby development anxiety. Your baby may already be saying ‘mama’ and ‘dada’, or they may be just baby-babbling. Either is fine: the key is to keep talking to them, don’t get anxious and they will talk in their own good time. It’s the same story with moving: for some babies, crawling is seriously yesterday’s news and they’re already pulling themselves up to standing. Others are still sitting happily and showing little inclination to move at all. Again, don’t panic – they’ll do it when they’re ready.”

I say, Nope, we definitely have no Einstein in this family I am afraid but a funny babbly baby, enjoying the sound of her voice and experimenting with all the music scales. No rush and if I learnt something over the last five years is to never compare children. Each of them reach their milestones when they are ready and if not after a reasonable time, just seek some help. But there is no need to get too anxious.

How to help BABY reach milestones:
  •  Self-feeding is a good way to help hand to mouth coordination. You can opt for finger foods such as cucumbers sticks, carrots and cheese, etc
  • Encourage baby to move and explore her environment by putting her favourite toys a bit at a distance –so funny to see them extend their little body to reach them -Now, baby may be trying to pull themselves up to a standing position while holding onto furniture –not our case -; sofas are great for this. Just think to always stay right behind them at first in case they start to wobble. Try to enjoy watching them explore and let them try things on their own, while staying nearby just in case
  • They’re learning about cause and effect now: ‘if I push this button, a sound comes out’. It’s a good time for a baby activity centre or toys with buttons and levers
  • Things of different sizes that fit into each other – like saucepans or beakers – are endlessly fascinating for this age
Game of the month:

Treasure Baskets and Heuristic play! It is baby’s favourite game, I just fill a basket with daily items and she plays for half an hour at least: digging, exploring and throwing. The new thing she started enjoying are boxes. I fill a box with random, baby-safe household objects – maybe a wooden spoon, whisk, wooden lemon squeezer, oven glove, tea towel, plastic cups and I put it on the floor in front of her and watch her study, sniff, feel, and bang all the different items and the box!

And Peek-a-boo! A piece of fabric, or a muslin square and this cheeky little one hides herself and laugh. She is enjoying a lot hiding and playing with her sisters and us this. It is delightful and a very easy game.

Outfit of the Month:

We love our From Babies with Love Whale Babygrow for the comfort, the quality and the cutest unisex design ever! From Babies with Love is one of my favourite Organic brand because first, it is a social business and secondly, I am in love with their vintage stamps inspired collections: they are unique ! The Whale print is a favourite for us as I love the blue and this lovely figure that I am and baby is attached too. If you wan to know more about FBWL, you can read my articles here and here.

The whale babygrow is available to buy at

Toy of the Month:

The Goki nature car. It is love as you can see! I have been really surprised by the quality and size of the car. I love the natural wood and all my girls are enjoying these cars {we have four!}.

Is she normal?

All babies are different and they will do things at their own pace and in their own time. And we’ll see how things evolve n the next few days and weeks! These babies grow so fast and sometimes it takes them just a day to literally gain a new skill.

And what about your baby this month?

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