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Welcoming Spring with Geggamoja

Yesterday was the first day of spring and we could feel the warmth coming back. The sunny days are back and we can see green leaves and beautiful daffodils everywhere. But spring is also coming with rain showers so let’s get ourselves ready for it!

Spring has always been our favourite season with the girls as you can do so many activities and enjoy to go out. We have been really busy last week planting our potatoes from the #growyourownpotatoes project and sowing some tree seeds from The woodland trust. It so exciting to see the natural cycles of life and gardening is a beautiful, engaging and quiet activity to do with young children.

So as beautiful days are coming back, I thought it was the time to use again some bright and lightweight clothes to accommodate the new climat. So today baby is wearing a Geggamoja outfit from the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. Do you remember? I wrote a review last year about this wonderful Scandinavian brand, click here if you would like to know more.

I have selected the Baby Pant and the assorted body in Yellow Zick zack simply because I love chevrons and love the freshness of the yellow.

The fabric is very soft and the outfit is very comfortable. Baby has just started to sit unaided  so comfy clothes were obviously very important for me not to restrain her movements.

So, baby’s first reaction when I presented her her new Geggamoja outfit was hilarious: she loves her new yellow body! She did not let me dress her and played with it a lot stroking herself with it and playing Peek-a-Boo. She usually does this only with her muslin so I guess she has noticed how soft the fabric is.

One other essential piece and must have for this season is the Geggamoja fleece Overall Outerwear for children! I have chosen for my cheeky toddler who loves staying under the rain and playing with water the grey fleece overall.

Geggamoja produce outerwear that gives children the best comfort to move and play in any weather.

Geggamoja outerwear has an outstanding breathability, reinforcements on exposed areas. A warming and cosy water and wind proof fleece overall.  I love the Blue and green coloured details with a lovely detachable hood lined with stripes and matching seams. The arm ends can be folded over to warm small hands.

What I love: It is very thin, yet very comfortable and provide warmth so the perfect fit for a wriggly toddler. I like the fact that it is not this kind of “plastic” material and #2 loved the material. I should say if you have a child with sensory disorders.

We know use it everyday. She loves it and I love it! I know that it keeps her warm and cosy if it is windy and not too hot if the sun comes out. Perfect overall for March and April.

And you, what are your spring outfits favourites?

You can have a look at the entire Geggamoja Spring/Summer collection at

Shopping :

Baby Pant Yellow zick zack – 27 euros

Body Baby Yellow Zick Zack – 27 euros

Grey Fleece Overall – 65 euros




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