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Let’s celebrate Piccolo First Birthday {Classic Victoria sponge Cream Recipe}

Good Morning! Today we are happy to take part to the Piccolo First Birthday. I cannot believe that Piccolo has been launched just last year. I do remember when I first purchased them as I was desperately looking for a vegan/vegetarian baby food option for my girls. And when I first found about Piccolo last year, I had no idea of how “new” they were in the market place but I did notice that they were not available before. We have enjoyed lots of Piccolo Goodness this year and we have been delighted by the new flavours that they have introduced too.

Now “My Little Piccolo” is like part of our family as it is the only “Baby food” in our home, in our cupboards otherwise I cook everything. They are seen like a special treat, and it is a healthy one :). So definitely, we naturally joined in the fun!

We have tried to create a birthday cake recipe adding some Piccolo pouches in it. My daughters favourite flavour is the Raspberry and apple pouches so we decided to integrate them in our cake. I wanted to try a british favourite and classic recipe: THE Victoria Sponge cake with a Cheese cream twist. We do not eat lots of cakes or biscuits and #1 loves fondant icing, that’s why I decided to decorate the cake with it and it helped me a lot for the Piccolo!

You can also use the Banana and blueberry flavour for the filling and for a healthier cake, decorate with fresh fruits!

Please have a look at my recipe:


It is a really easy cake to bake , so feel free to personalize it and use it for Easter!

Check the lovely other yummy recipes  a on My Little Piccolo website, click on the picture:

To know more about My Little Piccolo, you can read my previous articles:

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