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Modesty, Comfort, Elegance and Breastfeeding with Tasnim Collections

The beautiful weather is back, Ramadan is coming very soon inshaAllah and I do believe that adequate clothing is a necessity. I leave and breathe abayas. I am a dress lady as I love feeling comfortable.

I received last year from Tasnim Collections the “Sarah” abaya with the extra large Shayla both in light weight. I fell in love instantly but had to wait the beautiful days to wear them (quite cold here but now you can have them in Heavy weight!).

I can now enjoy these well made piece of clothing.

Mashallah, I love how the design is simple yet clever with a front zip for breastfeeding. I love the large not to say huge choice of colours and the quality of the fabric, very breathable!

I love the elasticated sleeves so much that i need to thank Tasnim Collection to think about the mums out there who run after children, do crafts or are busy with some mechanics.

The Shayla is now my favourite hijab, it falls beautifully and is very large so covers perfectly, plus and not insignificant not too warm.

And last but not least the clothes are made to order in Morocco and are really affordable in comparison to other brands! You do keep an excellent quality. Plus I love the ethos behind the brand and I know for sure that no-one is exploited in the making of what I wear.

My final vote:

You can purchase on

Please order well ahead as the clothes are made to order!

Order now to make sure you have them for Ramadan or Eid inshaAllah.


  1. Umm Ibrahim says

    As salaam alaykoum sis, sorry for this random question… I was wondering how opaque the lightweight fabric is when outside in the sunlight. I am trying to decide if it is opaque enough or if the medium weight fabric would be better. The lightweight would be preferred for where I live but I don’t want anything visible underneath my abaya. Jazakiallahu khairun for your help.

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    • Wa aalayki assalam … Don’t be sorry and it’s not random. In fact I forgot to mention! The lightweight fabric is quite opaque but when I tested with a direct sun light on the skirt well, I found that a silhouette can be seen so not to take any risk I wear something underneath. I hope it helps. Barakallahu fiki for reading.


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